The Golden Basin Islands– Angthong National Marine Park

Koh Paluay at Angthong National Marine Park, ThailandConsisting of an archipelago of more than 40 islands the Angthong (Golden Basin) National Marine Park is a earn a living from fishing with all of the islands remaining uninhabited and undeveloped except for one. This island, Koh Paluay, is inhabited by real Sea-Gypsies who to this day earn a living from fishing. The island resembles what Koh Samui or Koh Phangan used to look like 30 years ago, prior to the arrival of tourism and modern infrastructure. The Angthong Marine Park is famous for its natural beauty untouched by development. Continue reading

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The Bathing Machine of Bang Rak

First land creatures wriggle from sea to shoreHumankind’s love of the beach started pretty early on. About 400 million years ago, or thereabouts, when our slimy forebears made the first step (or wriggle) from sea to shore. The rest, from Babylonian sun-worship via the Victorian bathing machine to Bardot’s string bikini is history…

Love for the beach
Or is it?

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Koh Som – Just a Bounce from Bang Rak

A remarkable surprise lies before your eyes as you gaze across the aqua blue sea and onto the nearby isle of Koh Som.
The island Koh Som off the coast of Koh Samui
From my holiday beach dugout on the sandy oasis of Bang Rak beach Unspoiled and undeveloped island Koh SomI had been staring at this piece of tranquil rock since my arrival on Samui. Bungalows on Koh SomI inquired into the habitants of this private looking island with fellow vacationers who littered the beach, tanning themselves and quite happy to be away from their desk and dominant e-mails. No one knew that it was even somewhere you could step foot on.
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Sangsom Sundays in Bang Rak

How people make it through from the start of the day until the finish

Paradise has a different meaning to many different people. In Bangrak, on the coves of Koh Samui, you’ll become one of an array of these different types of tourists. There are those who spend the Sunday afternoons languidly lounging on the shores, plunging into the crystal clear waters of this paradise island. Then there are others who explore the ancient sights of the Big Buddha and hop aboard the luxury cruise speedboats to Change gears into what has become known as Sangsom SundayWakes up early to get a seat at your favourite bar in Bang Rakthe neighbouring marine park. But the special group that just might be more to your liking is the one that wakes up early to get a seat at their favourite bar on Sunday.
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What Floats Your Boat?

Samui sailingBang Rak is the home of the speedboat community and the sailors who charter everything from Catamarans to Pinisi sailing yachts, and from fishing boats to exuberant vessels that have enormous cabins and can travel the seven seas without troubles.

From this main port for touring vessels, trips can be procured Continue reading

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Bang Rak Sandcastles – Koh Samui

Around the world beaches have always been an environment where people love to strut their stuff. Bang Rak on Koh Samui has become an exciting playground for some very talented artists over the years. But there is a new art form.

Modern eco-masterpieces on the Bang Rak beaches Continue reading

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Bang Rak Business on Koh Samui

Some well thought-out plans for opening your businessSo you’ve decided that the island of Koh Samui is the place that you’d like to spend the rest of your days. You’ve sold the house back home, bid your friends and extended family farewell, and hopped onto a plane and headed for the tropical paradise of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Siam.

You’ve found an excellent location for a long term rental home on Coconut Beach in Bang Por at the Coconut Resorts, and have put into place some well thought-out plans for opening your business. Now the only solution you have yet to resolve is perhaps the most important for any entrepreneur. Location… location… location.

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Koh Samui’s Rocket Festival

An annual ritual to ensure the seasonal rain fall at the appropriate time“It is often best to know the forecast, before praying for rain”
Mark Twain

There is a ritual that is quite obviously borne of a simpler time, before irrigation and television, when people instinctively understood their symbiotic relationship with nature. In the northeast of Thailand, rainfall is often late, sporadic, and of insufficient quantity. In a country where agriculture and farming sustains the livelihood of more than 70% of the population, and the May skies fail to darken with clouds, farmers begin to seek divine intervention to ensure a plentiful and bountiful harvest. Continue reading

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The Village of Love – Baan Bang Rak

Preservation of the old village character is a priorityCreated as a potential model street, the impressive changes that have occurred in Bang Rak have instilled a sense of pride and need for redevelopment now for the facilities of this village, recognised by the owners of the community businesses. The entrepreneurs along this area have themselves begun to facilitate their own rebuilding, creating a contagious growth of magnificence through this village. The preservation of the old village character has been kept a priority, and as the name of Bang Rak translates into ‘The Village of Love’ in the Thai language, so has the charm been reserved that this village emanates.

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Bang Rak – The Model Village of Koh Samui

There’s something happening to the island of Koh Samui. An incredible reformation is occurring and is Bang Rak's new tidy, spacious image on koh samuigaining such momentum that it has changed the face of one of its former sleepy little villages. Baan Bang Rak, or as some have come to know it, Big Buddha Beach, has been transformed from a typical Thailand village into an area of prestige and urban grace.

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