Bang Rak – The Model Village of Koh Samui

There’s something happening to the island of Koh Samui. An incredible reformation is occurring and is Bang Rak's new tidy, spacious image on koh samuigaining such momentum that it has changed the face of one of its former sleepy little villages. Baan Bang Rak, or as some have come to know it, Big Buddha Beach, has been transformed from a typical Thailand village into an area of prestige and urban grace.

Bang Rak, the shorter version of its name, has become home to some of the most driven entrepreneurs, leaders of business, and tourism and villa operators that have ever inhabited the island of Koh Samui. There has begun an eruption of rebuilding and rebirth that has taken what was once a classic village and created a stunning example for neighbouring hamlets. Chosen by the Tesabaan Administration on Samui, Bang Rak has been updated with widened streets where cars can park without interfering with traffic flow, a cobbled walkway has been installed for pedestrians to safely tour the businesses, and stunning lighting standards now stand erected with the mystical Kite-bird adorning their crowns.

Bang Rak has been updated with widened streets and cobbled walkways for pedestrians

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2 Responses to Bang Rak – The Model Village of Koh Samui

  1. Lamai Guy says:

    Koh Samui is very difficult to drive in, and you’re so right about the traffic interfering with pedestrian walkways. Will they do this to the rest of the island? Are there infrastructure reworks in the future plans for our favourite holiday spot?

    • Small islands like Koh Samui that develop quickly often face the opportunities later on in their growth of a poorly planned infrastructure. Thankfully on this island there is a sense of urgency in regards to the safety of both tourists and local people. Koh Samui is quite proud of the development of Bang Rak, and plans to utilise both the successes and challenges that it’s renovations have inspired to other areas of the island.