The Bathing Machine of Bang Rak

First land creatures wriggle from sea to shoreHumankind’s love of the beach started pretty early on. About 400 million years ago, or thereabouts, when our slimy forebears made the first step (or wriggle) from sea to shore. The rest, from Babylonian sun-worship via the Victorian bathing machine to Bardot’s string bikini is history…

Love for the beach
Or is it?

Beach holiday in Bang Rak, Koh SamuiBikini beautiesOn your first jaunt down to the beaches of Bang Rak on the coastal island of Koh Samui, the unimaginable becomes that of reality. And as you could only have fathomed in your dreams, the veracity of bronzing bodies on the beach conjure wishes and hopes for an annual return. Strung along the coastline of white sand, pubs, eateries and massage parlours beckon the newly arrived guest into their doorways of open-air. Beyond them and touching the ancient waters of the Gulf of Siam, you will find the world at play, at rest, and living the dreams of the Orient.

Sun worship obn Koh Samui

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  1. Cha Weng says:

    Cha Weng: Public beaches
    This is a vivid description of an intriguing tropical island. Can you walk anywhere along the beaches? Or have the resorts and hotels reserved private beach space like in the USA that you cannot go onto?

    • Samui Holiday makers at Coconut Resorts The beaches of Thailand are in fact owned by the Monarchy, and are free for everyone to use at their pleasure. Eateries often bring their tables out onto the sand close to the waterline, but you are free to pass, or even to sunbathe as you feel free.

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