Koh Som – Just a Bounce from Bang Rak

A remarkable surprise lies before your eyes as you gaze across the aqua blue sea and onto the nearby isle of Koh Som.
The island Koh Som off the coast of Koh Samui
From my holiday beach dugout on the sandy oasis of Bang Rak beach Unspoiled and undeveloped island Koh SomI had been staring at this piece of tranquil rock since my arrival on Samui. Bungalows on Koh SomI inquired into the habitants of this private looking island with fellow vacationers who littered the beach, tanning themselves and quite happy to be away from their desk and dominant e-mails. No one knew that it was even somewhere you could step foot on.

Long-tail boat for charterI stepped off my 10 minute long-tail charter and onto the sand. There were no 7/11’s, Tesco or ATM signs. Other than a few bungalows and a lonely thatch-roofed view deck on an isolated rocky peninsula, there is nothing on the island. I walked round to the north tip of this tiny rock and found the paradise I had been dreaming of.

Absolutely nothing to do, and therein lies the beauty of it

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  1. Oh Samui says:

    Oh Samui couple inquire about Koh Som
    What exactly is there to do on Koh Som? Is it a holiday resort?

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