Plai Laem Temple

Wat Nuan Naram, Plai Laem Temple

Plai Laem Temple with ornate statues from Chinese BuddhismVillage Plai Laem with Temple Nuan Naram is the village north-east of Bang Rak and well known for its colorful, ornate temple on a lake, Wat Nuan Naram.

The complelling architecture of Thai temples Stunning temple buildings and formidable statues from Chinese Buddhism are set in the middle of the lake, among them the image of Guan Yin with eighteen arms and an image of the Budai Buddha.

Guan Yin is the Chinesse Goddess of Mercy who is compassionate and assists those in despair and who seek help. Chinesse Goddess of Mercy -  Guan YinGuan Yin is the most worshiped figure in Chinese Buddhism and it is said that any believer who recites her name during times of hardship will be answered and saved.

The second statue presents the well-known image of the amply proportioned Laughing Buddha or the Budai Buddha. This statue depicts the Budai Buddha - The Laughing BuddhaHis image depicts contentment and is often seen in temples and on amulets throughout the Chinese culture. Budai Buddha should not be confused with the historical Gautama Buddha, who is portrayed everywhere in Thailand as a tall, slender man and founder of Buddhism 2500 years ago.

Footbridges connect with the statues and when walking across, hundreds of big fish wait eagerly in the lake underneath, expecting most visitors to buy fish food for a small donation at the temple and causing a bubbling frenzy.


Island map view of Koh samui with pointer to Plai Laem Temple   Vicinity of Wat Nuan Naram on the Plai Laem area map

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